Outside the Classroom

We spend over $1Trillion on education in the US, more than any other country, and yet academic performance is declining every year. Clearly money is not the answer. The EdTech community has primarily been focused on ways to improve the classroom experience, providing better ways for teachers to interact with students to make learning more efficient. Even with all this innovation we are not seeing the desired results. We believe the classroom is only part of the overall picture. Our children now spend more time outside the classroom consuming media than they spend in a normal school day. Much of this time is wasted on unproductive pursuits like social media and mobile games. We need to develop more creative ways to encourage learning outside the classroom to compete with these distractions.

Cultural Literacy

Aside from falling behind in math and science, we are also seeing a decline in the well-rounded student. Non-traditional subjects like financial literacy, health & nutrition, and current events have been ignored. Even worse, many youth today seem to care more about what the Kardashians are doing or what Candy Crush level they are on. We want to correct these priorities and empower the next generation to take pride in “knowing stuff”. Knowledge is power and we strive to make that process fun again.

Screen Time

The average child in the US spends more than 4 hours daily glued to social media and mobile games. While the negative social and behavioural effects are obvious, recent studies have linked prolonged, uninterrupted screen time, with the rising epidemics of attention deficit disorder, poor academic performance, insomnia and obesity. This medical argument for improving our device habits cannot be ignored. Simply  interrupting this screen time can be hugely effictive redirecting a child’s attention elsewhere, ideally to some positive or educational pursuit.


Cyberbullying is a scary thing for children and their parents. It is now more prevalent than in-person bullying and can be way more damaging. It is an easy and faceless crime that impacts children of all ages in profound and long-lasting ways. The majority of this behavior takes place on social media and gaming sites where children now spend almost all their device time. Limiting exposure to cyberbullies wherever possible is a responsibility that parents must take seriously in this mobile world. It is equally important to educate our children on how to deal with cyberbullying so we can avoid this from becoming an epidemic that affects future generations.

It's about the Parents

With almost unlimited access to mobile devices and technology, this wasted time has become increasingly difficult to monitor. We challenge parents to get engaged and finny provides them with a practical and productive solution. Family involvement in education is the greatest predictor of success. A child's first and most formidable teacher will always be the parent so we have real responsibility to get involved.
If we confine learning to classrooms, teachers, and traditional academic subjects we are doing our children a disservice. In order to compete in the global marketplace we need to spark intellectual curiosity and promote a culture that values education. This is our duty and will ultimately give our children a brighter future. Finny is excited to be a small part of this solution.