Frequently asked questions

Where can I find Finny?

Finny is available for download on the App Store and Google Play or through our website. Once you have created an account you can login to customize your child's settings and get started.

Will Finny work on my iPhone or iPad?

Yep. The app triggers the interruption and notifies your child when it's time for a break. Unlike the Android version it cannot take over the device and force the child to engage with the learning moment. However you can see on the parent dashboard if your child has been ignoring the interruptions so you can have that conversation with your child.

Is it possible to control the Finny settings with my iPhone?

Absolutely. Just login to your myfinny account on any web browser on any device. We recommend that you bookmark this page for your convenience. You can also create a parent pin so you can change your child's settings directly on the app.

What information do I need to provide to create an account?

To get started you simply need to provide a valid DOB. We do not save this information and only require it to ensure you are eligible (>18yrs) for the product. Once you enter a display name and grade level finny will automatically configure the default settings.

Is my child’s information and data secure?

Your child's privacy is our #1 priority. Finny is PRIVO certified and fully COPPA compliant. We do not save or sell any personal data to any 3rd party. Please read our privacy policy for more information.

Can I add more than one child to the same device?

Yes! You have the option to add a child under the parental settings of the app or on the website. Each child can have his/her own profile for grade level, interruption intervals, content, and monitoring. When switching the device from one child to another simply "Assign" the device to the appropriate child.

When first installing Finny, why do I see a system warning?

Finny actually operates as a Device Administrator. This is what allows finny to track usage to your specification and also to force an occasional interruption to ensure that your child is reminded to have a balanced life! At any time, you can go into the Device Administrator settings and deselect Finny as a Device Administrator. This will prevent Finny from interrupting further and will relegate the app to only trigger when your child launches the app voluntarily.

How should I determine which apps are to be considered unproductive?

That’s up to you my friend! We designed Finny to make it easy for you to select which apps you would like to set time limits. Any app selected as unproductive will count against the cumulative timer.

If you have productive or educational apps on the device that you would like to encourage use of (i.e. Kindle, Luminosity, etc.) then simply exclude it from the unproductive usage list and these apps will not be interrupted.

How do I select the subjects for Finny quizzes?

Simply login to your account and go to the Learn section under your child's profile. The default settings will randomly draw from questions in our entire content repository based on grade level. Use the drop down box to select specific subjects and domains that you would like to emphasize. You can change these settings at any time.

Where can I change the settings and enforce the lockout period?

We have taken the liberty of choosing some settings that we feel will address most of our users’ needs. However, you can customize each child in your account by going to the Learn tab under your child's profile. Here you will be able to configure how often you want Finny to interrupt, and if you want to lockout when a quiz is failed.

Why is the default setting to leave the device unlocked after a failed quiz attempt?

We are nice people. We want Finny to be fun and not a punitive experience. If you want to drop the hammer and use finny to enforce lockdown or curfew time periods, then hammer away! You can always change this behavior in the Settings page.

What’s the best way to view my child's performance?

For basic use of Finny, you can go straight to the app on the device to see stats. Here you will find the number of times they were interrupted, the number of questions answered correctly, and the total amount of time spent on the device. You can also access the dashboard to drill into device usage reports (i.e. time spent on each app), or report cards (% accuracy by subject of each quiz question). These reports will allow you to double click on the subject and drill down into each question you child has been asked.

If I have selected to lock the device as a performance penalty, can my child continue to use the device?

If your child wants to spend Finny coins they can override the lockout period and continue normal usage. For safety reasons if you child needs to unlock the phone and they don't have any coins we will grant them the necessary coins to unlock and make an emergency call.

How can my child unlock their device if Finny has them in lockdown?

This is where Finny coins become useful. Once lockout begins they will have the option to redeem coins to override the lockout period. This feature was established to help us reinforce the meritocracy of Finny.

Finny is not meant to be a single-threaded parental control app. We want to empower children to perform and be rewarded with more time on their device for positive performance.

What else can Finny Coins be redeemed for?

Stay tuned. We are in active discussions with many partners to honor Finny Coins for redemption of tangible goods and services (like back to school gear, game tickets, etc.)

Will Finny always be free?

Currently, Finny is free to use for a limited time only. Should Finny carry a cost in the future, our goal is to always have a version of the app that is free for all time.

How does Finny know what questions to quiz my child with?

On the get started page, Finny uses the grade level you select for your child as the indicator for which questions to ask. This content repository was built by K-12 educators who have evaluated each question for relevant subject and difficulty level. Our goal is to promote general knowledge that should augment your child’s academic experience.

As Finny experiences more usage, our data analytics will help us determine the appropriate difficulty level for every question.

If you ever feel that any of the Finny quiz questions are not appropriate for your child or you don’t believe them to be useful, please contact us at

Will Finny be able to recommend a difficulty rating of questions that I can challenge my child with?

Coming soon. Our vision for Finny content is to build an analytical platform that allows the app to learn from the data. This type of machine learning will give parents the option to choose how difficult they want the questions to be…regardless of their child’s grade level.

Can I suggest other content that can be added to the Finny app?

Of course! We are very interested in what type of content you would like to quiz your children with. Send us an email to to submit your content request.

Do you offer any trivia or entertainment knowledge?

No, no and absolutely no. We’ve seen enough of the Kardashians and we feel it’s important to only pick content categories that will help produce a solid, well-rounded knowledge base.